10 years shooting video, both freelance and in-house. Sets have ranged from warehouse studios, to international skate houses. Cameras range from GoPros to prosumer interchangeable lens camcorders. I can shoot from cars, motorcycles, skateboards, and my own two feet.


Over 12 years shooting photographs, ranging from digital to large format film. I have a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in Photography, where I learned everything from studio lighting to setting up strobes on location. Nothing beats good natural light.


Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, and After Effects. I have spent an indeterminable number of hours color correcting, image retouching, scanning and printing. The final product is a direct results of the details.

What I do

I started creating media as a way to share the things I am most passionate about with others. That includes activities like BMX/MTB, skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcycles, and really anything that includes being outside. I worked with Original Skateboards for 6 years creating media for their marketing all over the world and when I left in 2016 I was head of the video department. Since then I have been working freelance which has involved a lot of traveling and great memories. I have also recently relocated from the east coast to Denver.